Available apartments in Dusseldorf

house / short-term rental / Düsseldorf

Rooms 6 Living Space 149 m² Available May 29, 2024 City Düsseldorf
4.200 € incl. additional costs per month

house / short-term rental / Meerbusch

Rooms 4,50 Living Space 127 m² Available May 29, 2024 City Meerbusch
3.590 € incl. additional costs per month


The capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia is alongside Dresden the only unindebted major city of Germany and promises a bright future due to high class infrastructure.

With over 600.000 inhabitants Düsseldorf is ranked 7th in the biggest towns of Germany and is way more than just a town that offers good job possibilities. In national and international studies Dusseldorf constantly comes off high-ranked concerning the quality of life.

Düsseldorf - A city with a bright future.