Available apartments in Cologne

house / short-term rental / Köln

Rooms 5 Living Space 133 m² Available Aug 1, 2019 City Köln
2.380 € incl. additional costs per month

house / short-term rental / Hennef

Rooms 4 Living Space 160 m² Available Dec 13, 2018 City Hennef
1.800 € incl. additional costs per month


Germany’s fourth largest city is a cultural hub in the west of the country combining a variety of international events and a rich history to explore. It offers an open-minded, laid back and happy vibe together with a unique cityscape blending charm with modern, cosmopolitan feel.

When deciding where to rent a flat in Cologne, bear in mind that the city is very diverse architecturally, mixing high living standards and cultural variety. What is truly great about the city on the Rhine is that a quarter of its size is covered with luscious green spaces including a city forest!

Cologne is famous for its Cathedral and the Carnival being at the same time home to diverse trends in music and a huge venue for sports and media.