Available apartments in Bonn

house / short-term rental / Remagen

Rooms 7 Living Space 180 m² Available May 23, 2020 City Remagen
2.890 € incl. additional costs per month

house / short-term rental / Hennef

Rooms 4 Living Space 160 m² Available Jun 15, 2020 City Hennef
1.800 € incl. additional costs per month


Experience life in Bonn-
the gorgeous city on the banks of the Rhine, dating back to Roman times. As such, Bonn is one of Germany’s oldest cities being also known as the birthplace of the famous composer Beethoven and as Germany’s old capital until 1989.

Discover the buzz of life in its colourful markets, excellent bars and lovely sidewalk cafes, as well as in its numerous music events. Or immerse yourself in the magic of Bonn’s history- packed corners, fortress ruins and museums.

What is best, in unexpected spots in Bonn you can find lovely escapes with natural scenery surrounding the city and luscious green parks like the Rheinaue- also called “Bonn’s Central Park”.