Available apartments in Berlin

Furnished house in Berlin Charlottenburg

Rooms 5,50 Living Space 160 m² Available May 1, 2019 City Berlin
3.900 € incl. additional costs per month

Exclusive townhouse in Friedrichshain

Rooms 4 Living Space 167 m² Available Apr 3, 2019 City Berlin
3.500 € incl. additional costs per month

Large fully furnished one family house in Berlin-Spandau, 3 bedrooms

Rooms 4 Living Space 165 m² Available Jul 10, 2019 City Berlin
2.400 € excl. additional costs per month

Furnished house with 2 bedrooms in Berlin-Reinickendorf

Rooms 3 Living Space 140 m² Available Aug 31, 2019 City Berlin
2.150 € incl. additional costs per month


Located at the very heart of Europe, Berlin has been voted one of the most exciting European cities to live in. Germany’s vibrant capital is a melting pot for cultures, languages and artistic influences which is best reflected in the vast variety of international cuisine, local festivals, night life and entertainment.

Wondering where you should rent an apartment in Berlin? What makes the city distinctly different is the variety of neighbourhoods and unique experiences each of them offers. Whether you want to be in the middle of where everything is happening or prefer to retreat to a quieter part close to a lake or a park- Berlin has the right place for you!

What is more, it has one of the most efficient transport systems on the continent. This means that you can get anywhere in no time, at any time of the day or night!